In twenty minutes you can drive from Shellharbour to Wollongong. In twenty minutes you can cook pancakes…AND eat them!! In twenty minutes you can watch an episode of The Simpsons. In twenty minutes you can do alot of things. In the social networking realm, twenty minutes is all it takes for over one million links to be shared on facebook, for two million friend requests to be accepted and for three million messages to be sent. In twenty minutes.

Social networking, and not just facebook, I’m also talking Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Skype etc have become an everyday thing for us 21st century folk. It seems the turn of the millenium really did mean new things. Since all these sites came available at the accessible cost of nothing in the early noughties, not a conversation since hasn’t involved the newest scandal on facebook/the hilarious new video on youtube/the bitchy tweet. With every one in thirteen people in the world having an online profile, organizing to see people face to face has become a thing of the past. Why see people if everything you need to know about what they’ve been up to is at the click of a finger?

I’m not going to lie, I am a self confessed facebook junkie. I really don’t like it much, but it is so sickly addictive and I always seems to find myself on there. You may think this harmless (so did I) until I read some really confronting statistics:


* over 700billion minutes are spent on Facebook per month.

* 48% of 18-34 year olds check their Facebook before going to the toilet in the morning.

* 57% of people talk to people more online than what they do in real life.

* Over the New Years Weekend, over 750million photos were uploaded onto Facebook.


 There are one billion tweets made per week

* Three years, two months and one day was the time between the first and the billionth Tweet.

* There are 456 Tweets posted per second. That’s 27360 Tweet’s per minute. Which equals to 39398400 Tweets posted per day.

* On March 12th, 2011, 572 000 new Twitter accounts were opened.


There are over 2billion views on Youtube per day.

* In just one minute, there are 35 hours worth of video uploaded.

* Through Facebook alone, there is 46.2 years worth of Youtube video consumption.

I don’t know about you, but I find these figures all rather confronting. Maybe I should hold back the urge to get onto Facebook as often as I do. Start using it for the sole reason I got it in the first place; to keep in touch with the friends and family I have overseas. Put that thought to the general public though and the most common response heard would probably be “that’s crazy”.

I recently saw the shorts for the second Social Network film, and just the two minutes it runs for put alot of thoughts through my mind. Take a look.

Ok, so everyone knows what the first Social Network is about. You know, the guy that invented Facebook. The second movie is showing how much a part of our lives this website has become. And how the world reacts to him deleting Facebook. It’s funny seeing how all these different people react. People go to a great extent to get attention for their achievements; if Facebook were still around these people would be uploading pictures. You also see in the clip people using Facebook lingo in reality. ‘Poking’ a real human. ‘Liking’ what someone has said mid-conversation. ‘Stalking’ an ex’s every move. ‘Declining’ an event invite. It is soon seen how insane these people begin to react. Would this be like what it would be in real life?

Needless to say, I am looking forward to this film’s release, and will be sure to be leaving the cinema with a thousand thoughts running through my head.


2 thoughts on “Facebook;Sequence;Shutdown.

  1. Awesome post. I am a Facebook addict myself. I wish I could get rid of it somedays but its ability to inform, invent and review are just too useful to me and far out weigh the privacy issue.

  2. Wow this really was a great post. You used some really great techniques to communicate your thoughts on Facebook’s influence on our lives. A very thought provoking topic 🙂

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