HIV/AIDS Passed onto humans via Chimpanzee’s


Attatched is a link to the Washington Social Facebook Application. Finally social media is being used to share news that people neglect on tv. This link that I have attatched (and recommend reading) is about HIV/AIDS and how the epidemic grew in Africa several years ago.

Apparently the story is old and scientists and the public have known for years, but I didn’t and found it rather interesting. Maybe you will share the same thought.

Did you know that the HIV virus was passed onto humans by Chimps?

Neither did I.

Around 1900 a hunter in southeastern Cameroon, Africa caught an infected chimp for food. The blood from the chimpanzee passd through to the human probably through a cut whilst butchering. And so started the AIDS epidemic.

The article then contiues to tell of how the disease spread from Africa to Europe to North America and recent scientific finds.

So for those of you that may have been wondering what started the horrible disease that has killedd many over its time, this article is a good start to getting those questions answered.


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