Hear Ye! Hear Ye! … I should be posting this online.

The first time I saw Kony2012 I thought it was a virus. How and why is that so? Because it was all over Facebook and I’d never seen just one topic completely fill my newsfeed. For a couple of days I ignorantly ignored the videos and statii people were dedicating to this one man and hoped that my computer didn’t get hacked. It wasn’t until a few days later that I heard him mentioned on the news that I then understood there wasn’t a virus that had hacked into countless amounts of “friends”, but a real media issue. This particular story is a good example of  how we (being the people of the world) have progessed from a monologic media society to one of a dialogic.Previously, going as far back as the medievil times, news was passed on through towns via a script-reader, now all that’s needed to get a message accross the globe is a single facebook/twitter/youtube etc posting. Kony2012 really makes clear the difference in the people power of communicating one to many as opposed to the power of many to many.

In recent years, social media has become alot more than a place for people to create a false identity. Social media is our 21st century script-reader. This is again made obvious by several newspaper apps that are available on Facebook, hashtags on Twitter and video channels on Youtube (and not to mention the serious drop in print sales since the rise of the internet).  So why is it people are choosing to voice their opinions/share their works/spread news accross social media websites? The answer is simple. There are 845million Facebook users worldwide, which makes getting a message accross very easy. Although this is a lazy approach to getting something out there, it does work. The only problem being, it dies just as quickly as it grew. When was the last time you heard something new about Kony?

While this new way of spreading media has had its fair share of advantages, there is an equal of disadvantages. Rumors are just as easy to spread. This has caused problems, especially with the rise of employers seeking out information on possible future employee’s. This raises the question of whether or not the internet, in particular social media websites should use gatekeepers. I think the use of gatekeepers on social media as a whole isn’t necessary. But I do think quality control should be there for the news groups and corporations that spread the news over the social media sites. What do you think?


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