Over the past couple of months I have been writing blog posts reflecting on what I have been learning in my Convergent Media Practices course. I didn’t have any expectations at the begining of the semester but I do believe I have improved and am proud of what I’ve done and learnt. I remember it took me just under 3 hours to write my first blog post, and I was so frustrated I was ready to give up right there and then. I’m glad I didn’t because I have proved to myself that I can improve and I have; it now only takes me half an hour on average to write up a post. In the way of what I’ve learned, there have been weeks where I felt I was slapped accross the face by what I was learning. There is so much out there that I thought I knew and obviously didn’t. While at first naivity seemed preferable, I am glad I now have a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, and not to sing Happy Birthday in public. EVER! Of the posts I have written, my three favourite’s would have to be “Horse Drawn Carriages and Media Evolution”, “Liger” and “Transmedia Storytelling Success!

I like Horse Drawn Carriages and Media Evolution as it was a post done in very early blogging days and my so called media “innocence” was being stripped. In this blog you can see how ambivilant I was towards the entire Convergence topic as a whole, but realized I had no choice but to take myself out of my comfort zone and just get the work done. Looking back now, I find the information I was writing about rather interesting, and the clear though unitentional ambivilance gives it a weird kind of character.

Liger is my overall favourite blog post. I had a lot of fun putting this post together and felt cool as I wrote about my Sailor Moon and Napoleon Dynamite obsessions. And the Chewbucca call at the end of the post acts as one of several cherries on top of the awesome cake that the nerd topic was. Behind all the fun and games that was nerd week though was a lot of interesting ideas and truths that had previously to me gone by unnoticed. I would’ve never thought of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates as nerds, but take away the names Apple and Windows and that’s what you’re left with. The “Coolification of Nerds” lecture did make my respect for the afformentioned and other manufacturer’s grow as I realized without these people that typically get a lot of shit for being interested in what they are, I wouldn’t have half the electronics I have now.

And finally, Transmedia Storytelling Succes. Although it was done super late, I like it as even though I had to tap into my memory to remember the lecture and readings, it shows that I have successfully learnt and remembered things this session and the growth in my work when comparing Horse Drawn Carriages and Media Evolution to this post is evident. The information in this post captured my attention as I always used to see games/movies/tv series/ books on the one series as there for fanatics, made by fanatics that typically have no life. I had no idea it was a business advantage and what an advantage it is!

Overall, I have enjoyed learning about convergence media. I’m still unsure with what I want to do with future career-wise, but I’m sure with whatever field of work I eventually decide on, there will be things I need to know that have been covered in this topic. And when I’m not using it with a job, it has definately made me think twice before buying electronics and writing things that are then being published on the big world wide web-osphere.


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